Tiger Roaming Houston Neighborhood Leads To Intense Standoff With Off-Duty Police Officer

Only in Texas…

Wild story (no pun intended) out of the Lone Star State this morning as a damn tiger was spotted roaming around a Houston-area neighborhood last night.

It caught the attention of an off-duty police officer who got out of his truck and drew his gun, but then, it got weird….

Some dude came running out of a house in the neighborhood, screaming at the guy to not shoot his tiger. The officer wasn’t having it:

“Get the f*ck back inside. F*ck you and your f*cking tiger. Get the f*ck back inside… I don’t know who the f*ck this is. Get the f*ck back inside.”

There was a bit of an intense standoff, but ultimately, the man did not shoot the tiger.

The unidentified owner was able to grab the tiger by the collar and lead him back inside.

However, according to KHOU, the man put the tiger in a vehicle and drove away before the police were able to arrive on scene.

And I know what you’re thinking… it’s illegal to own a tiger, right? Wrong.

It’s perfectly legal to own a tiger in the state of Texas as long as you have it registered, have insurance, and take care the rest of the necessary requirements. However, it IS illegal in the city of Houston.

So that explains why the guy put the tiger in his truck and took off…

Nothing like a good old fashioned tiger sighting in your quiet neighborhood.

Here’s the reaction from one of the neighbors:

Cue the classic Nate Bargatze joke about buying a tiger.

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