Houston Tiger Owner Is An Alleged Murderer… Successfully Evaded The Cops In High Speed Chase

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My, this took a turn for the worse…

Sometimes you just wake up in the morning, crank out a blog, and never even realize that you’re writing about a man on the run for murder. I thought we just had a funny story about a Texas man whose tiger got loose (wouldn’t be the first time, right?)

But, it appears there’s a little bit more to the story.

According to ABC News, Houston Police Chief Ron Borza released some details on the tiger that escaped its owner’s house, and he also gave an update on the owner as well.

Borza didn’t state the name of the owner, but it turns out, the owner of the tiger is an alleged murderer. He was charged with murder last November in Fort Bend County, and was free on $250,000 bail.

After the guy found out his tiger was on the loose, he found it, stuffed it in his white Jeep Cherokee, and sailed off into the sunset in hopes of never being seen again.

The cops gave chase, but he was able to successfully evade them after a high speed pursuit.

Borza had this to say on the occurrence:

“The owner of the tiger then takes the tiger… puts it inside his white Jeep Cherokee, gets in the car and he flees… Our responding units see the vehicle fleeing and they try to initiate a vehicle pursuit but they lose sight of the vehicle.”

Borza confirmed that he’s most worried about the owner harming the tiger:

“My main concern right now is focusing on him, and finding the tiger because what I don’t want him to do is harm the tiger.”

Yikes, this feels like some Joe Exotic shit right here. The man couldn’t have gone too far, and will most likely get caught.

It still makes you think though, if this man decides to check into a hotel where he’s unrecognizable, how the hell is he gonna sneak the tiger in there?

Also, alleged murder booking it in a white Jeep Cherokee? Does that remind you of another alleged murderer booking it in a white Ford SUV?

Absolute insanity.

Here’s the guy

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