Zach Bryan Says ‘Don’t Be Naive’ Podcast is Returning

We were pretty excited when Zach Bryan announced he was launching his own podcast early this year, and also pretty disappointed to see the episodes quickly taken down because of what I’m guessing was a lot of copyright infringement (he played a bunch of Drake songs on one episode and said many times he didn’t know the rules on what he could and couldn’t do… sooo yeah.)

But don’t you worry, Zach said not only is the podcast coming back, along with the first three episodes being reuploaded, but he got a brand new studio to record them from. He mentioned that in a life update posted to YouTube a few days ago.

“This year! This year’s been crazy, and ugly, and beautiful, and good, and bad, and we wrote an album, and we stopped a burglary at Best Buy, and we kinda stopped a kidnapping from happening.

We got a studio space for the podcast just for you guys, and holy crap I’ve been working with the Navy and driving around, I found God again, been hanging out, been smashing beers with some boys.

That’s about it, but I can’t wait to make another episode.”

Add on making his Grand Old Opry debut, releasing his first poemcontinuing to post fantastic new songs to YouTube like “Ninth Cloud” and “The Butcher’s Floor”covering some fan favorites like “Take It Easy” and continuing to spotlight up and coming talent in his Belting Bronco series, yeah I’d have to agree with him that this year has been quite insane.

If the kid doesn’t stop putting great things out, we sure as hell aren’t gonna stop listening.

Keep it up, Zach Bryan. Keep it the hell up.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock