VIDEO: NYU Student’s Horrifying Footage Of The September 11th World Trade Center Attacks Goes Viral Again

I still can’t believe how much time has passed since the unthinkable events of September 11th, 2001.

It almost feels like it was just yesterday, I can remember the moment so clear. And I still get the same rush of emotions every time I see the video clip, see the memorials, or hear a story from someone who was there.

However a few years back, a new video was released by a couple of NYU students who happened to be filming from their dorm room in real time as the planes crashed. At the time of the video, it was a horrifying new angle, and the sounds in their voice will send chills down your spine.

And with the 20th anniversary of that fateful day coming this September, the video is going viral once again.

According to a new report in USA Today, first responders on the scene are STILL suffering from a number of physical ailments, especially when it comes to breathing. The amount of smoke and dust that was breathed in has left many first responders with irreparable lung damage, which now 20 years later, is proving to even more dangerous in the midst of Covid.

Between September 2020 and April 2021, about 158 people have died with a 9/11 illness as a contributing cause, with 32 of those being COVID-19-related deaths.

These brave men and women ran into the face of dangers on September 11th, 2001, and for those who survived, they’re still dealing with they’re still dealing with the aftermath.

Never forget the lost, the heroes, and those that continue to fight…

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