Start Your Friday With Some Unsolicited Dik-Diks

A deer in a grassy area

No body asked to see them. You probably don’t want to see them. You may have never seen one before. But here they are, some unsolicited Dik-Diks to get your Friday started off with a bang.

Dik-Diks are a species of little antelopes that roam the bush of eastern and southern Africa. They stand just over a foot tall, measure just over 2 feet long, and weigh about 15-pounds on average.

Female Dik-Diks are generally somewhat larger than males. The males have horns that are typically about 3 inches long. They are capable of running at speeds in excess of 25 mph.

Dik-diks are herbivores. Their diet mainly consists of foliage, shoots, fruit and berries.

Dik-diks are one of the relatively few species of wild animal that are monogamous.

Dik-diks are hunted primarily by leopards, caracals, lions, hyenas, wild dogs and humans. Other predators include monitor lizards, cheetahs, jackals, baboons, eagles, hawks and pythons.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock