Alan Jackson Is A Shoulder To Lean On In Tenderhearted “I Can Be That Something”

Jordan Ben-Hanania

One week away…

We’re one week away from the first Alan Jackson studio album in six years, and by God, are we overdue.

Alan has rather quietly released a handful of tracks from the upcoming project, including the title track “Where Have You Gone,” as well has a couple of deeply personal tearjerkers: “Where Her Heart Has Always Been,” written for his late mother, and “You’ll Always Be My Baby,” dedicated to his daughters for their weddings.

This latest one, “I Can Be That Something,” is another cut from the same cloth. Real deal country music, the kind the radio has desperately been missing (although there’s no way in hell they play this on the radio).

The song finds Alan singing to a woman with a broken heart, one who recently watched her lover walk away. And now, Alan is here to be that shoulder she can lean on.

Loretta Lynn recently said she thought country music was damn near dead until she heard this record from Alan, so if that’s any indication, we’re in for something special.

Where Have You Gone is set to hit shelves on May 14th.

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