Karen Loses Her Mind After Pet Pig Poops In The Park: “LOOK HOW MUCH IS IN THERE!”

Ah yes, nothing more comical than a Karen losing her mind.

Two ladies decided to walk their pet pig (yes, a little obscure, but hey it’s a free country) in their neighborhood, when a good ol’ rule following, “bylaws” reciting Karen decided to go out of her way to harass the women about their pig.

I mean seriously, she’s having a complete meltdown over someone walking a pig.

Not gonna lie, if I saw a giant-ass pig walking around my neighborhood, I’d probably be weirded out a tad bit, but I’m not gonna go out of my way to tell the owners what to do.

But this woman obviously had no problem doing that.

Perhaps the funniest part of the video is when the pig decides to take a nice shit on the grass, and the Karen comes close to losing all self control.

“LOOK AT THAT! Right on our lawn.”

The owner starts to pick it up…

“Look how much is in there, seriously.”

Turns out, the pig is an emotional support pet for one of the women, but that doesn’t keep Karen from being a complete nuisance. Karen also made a point to mention that she knows “everything that goes on in this neighborhood.”

I’m sure you do Karen, I’m sure you do…

In fact, the woman is so outraged, she decided to alert the Homeowner’s Association, who according to the owner of the pig, already knows about it.

“I am following up on this, I am following up on this.”

Signature Karen move…

Also, the friend of the pig owner called the lady a “grumpy pants.” I mean, how wholesome is that?

The whole thing is just pure comedy. Take a watch, you won’t regret it:

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