Dad Holds Hilarious Post-Game Press Conference To Perfectly Illustrate The Chaos Of Parenting

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Being a dad is not an easy task.

Now I can’t speak from experience, but I don’t know how my parents kept their sanity during my teenage years, so I’ve got a lot of sympathy to say the least. And for the dads at home with toddlers… it’s pure chaos.

For comedian Evan Kyle Berger, co-host of the Dumb Dad podcast detailed the chaotic dad experience with a hilarious NBA-like, post game press conference about fatherhood…. and he NAILED it.

I’m not sure how he was able to conduct this whole interview without bursting out laughing, but my guy was able to keep his composure, and deliver a very solid interview to the so-called “press.”

If you know, you know…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock