Zach Bryan Is Asking Combat Veterans To Send In Their Stories, So He Can Write A Song In Their Honor

Zach Bryan country music

Zach Bryan has been one of the biggest names in the non-mainstream country world over the past couple years, building an absolutely rabid, grassroots following from the ground up. His rise to fame has easily been one of the best country music stories in the past few years.

He’s written several incredible songs, released two stellar albums, as well an with storytelling that is often times compared to the likes of Tyler Childers and the Turnpike Troubadours.

However, the most impressive part about Bryan is that he’s done all of this while being in the Navy.

And now, he’s using his incredible gift to give back to to his brothers and sisters serving in the Armed Forces. In particular, the ones who have seen combat.

In a recent Instagram post, he announced that he’s requesting combat veterans to email him their stories so he can utilizes their words to craft a song in their honor.

“I am not a combat veteran, but I’d like to write a song for those that are. If you are, or know of anyone that is, please email your story to [email protected]

I want to pick ten, without comparing what a hero is, because you all are, and write a song with the words you all have to say. There’s a lot more to this story, but we’ll start with that.”

We already know the kind of songs he can write, so I can’t wait to see what kind of stories he receives. You just know it’s gonna be something incredibly special.

He’s also already covered Jason Isbell’s song “Dress Blues,” a gut-wrenching song about a pair of soldiers that were killed in action, one of them being from Isbell’s home town. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

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