Coyote Tries To Steal Hunter’s Downed Turkey

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Janis Putelis, a man who spends as much time in the woods as anyone has witnessed not one, but two once in a lifetime events unfold in the woods this turkey season. 

Previously this spring, Putelis captured footage of a group of 3 mountain lions being drawn into the sound of his turkey calls while looking for their next meal. The predators weren’t done messing with his birds there though apparently, as earlier this week a coyote appeared from the bush and had a go at running off with a bird he recently downed. 

He shared the footage and the story on the MeatEater website.

“Earlier this week, I was turkey hunting with my wife in Montana when something unusual happened.

After I called in a Merriam’s gobbler and shot it, a coyote ran in and tried to steal the bird. Here’s a video of the attempted heist in progress.”

You never know what you’re going to witness when spending time in the wilderness, and hunting provides incredible opportunities to observe nature in its wildest form.

Being able to witness incredible things like things like what Putelis has witnessed this spring is a major part of the full hunting experience.

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