5 Wild Turkeys Brutally Assault Another Turkey After Hunter Shoots It

Absolutely crazy turkey hunting footage out of Texas, a place where even the birds appear to be just as tough as the cowboys.

Cable Smith from the Lone Star Outdoor Show was recently filming a turkey hunt in the southern part of the state. The hunt was successful, but even more remarkable was what happened immediately after the first gobbler bit the dust.

Several birds all looking for love were in the vicinity of the hunters and working the decoy spread, but then scattered at the initial sound of the shotgun blast. That wasn’t enough to scare them off though.

What happens next shows the true savage nature of mother nature’s wild creatures, as 5 more gobblers proceeded to viciously attack the previously hunted bird.

“Most insane turkey footage I have ever filmed. Heck of a hunt with my buddy Chisum Cooke in South Texas this spring.

5 gobblers dragging 10 inch ropes come in and assault the dead turkey. I’ve had jakes do it, never 5 mature birds. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like the video.”

Turkey hunting season overlaps with turkey breeding season, and fired up big gobblers are known to violently spar with each other over potential mates.

Similar to some human men, horny turkey’s tend to tune out things that would typically trigger them to flea from a situation, instead opting to do dumb stuff when they’re pumping full of testosterone and trying to impress the ladies.

These turkey’s definitely took it a little to far though.

This footage is a perfect example of what makes every trip into the great outdoors so special though –  you just never know what you’re going to see, and what you do see has the potential to blow your mind.


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