Tyler Childers’ Unreleased “Losing You” Is Appalachian Heartbreak Gold

Does this man have a bad song?

We know Tyler Childers has a bunch of unreleased songs that are pure gold, but this one might take the cake.

This one goes through a bunch of situations when a man has lost something.

From his hunting dog being killed, to his trailer burning down and losing his secret stash and music, to getting arrested for a DUI and losing his license, but saying none of those situations come close to how he’d feel if he lost his lady…

One time I had me a hell of a hound
He could out tree, he could out hunt any walker in town
Til he got caught in a snare set, till he just couldn’t breathe
I was heartbroke something awful like you wouldn’t believe

But losing you could be the worst thing
That ever happened to me good
Lord don’t leave I’m sorry
I’m sorry man

Great lyrics, and inject that fiddle right up into my veins.

I think I speak for all Childers fans when I say, I can’t WAIT for new Childers music.

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A beer bottle on a dock