Cracker Barrel Waitress Goes Viral With Phenomenal ‘Happy Birthday’ Performance

A person with a mustache and a beard in a restaurant

Whenever you go to a restaurant, it’s pretty normal for workers to come together and sing a happy birthday chant per request.

Hell, you go to Texas Roadhouse and they have choreographed dances every hour.

Most of the time, the chants are pretty cheesy. And the singing… not necessarily stellar, to say the least.

Then you have this woman.

A waitress was asked to sing the happy birthday song for a guy at Cracker Barrel. The guy was probably thinking:

“Oh God, why did y’all put me through this misery.”

But needless to say, the outcome was probably the exact opposite of what he expected. This woman’s voice turned out to be borderline angelic.

From the second she opened her mouth, the whole restaurant had their eyes on her, as everybody in the video gazes, mystified and stunned.

I guess the only question I have is, why the hell is she waitressing at Cracker Barrel, and not auditioning for American Idol, or The Voice? Or just something that doesn’t involve working in the food industry?

That tip money must be out of this world.

And no hate to Cracker Barrel, it’s a high quality establishment. Great food and Mayberry “vibes.”

But still, whoever this woman is, she can’t leave this God-given talent in the dark any longer.

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