VIDEO: Michigan Man’s Jeep Looks Like A Murder Scene After Wild Turkey Shatters Windshield

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Most people do their turkey hunting with a shotgun. Others challenge themselves by trying to bag a bird with archery equipment.

This guy, USHL junior hockey player John Larkin, chose to use his windshield instead though. Bold move…

And judging by the footage that may be a decision he regrets. Although by the looks of things, there might still be enough meat on that bone for a turkey dinner.

Did you know that eating roadkill is actually a growing trend. It’s probably safe depending on how freshly wrecked the meat is. It’s definitely recommended that you do some research on the topic before just randomly scooping up dead animals from the side of the road and throwing them in a skillet though.

It’s also not legal in every state, but it is legal in 20 states.

Collecting roadkill for eating is legal in over 20 states, including Vermont, Washington, Oregon and Pennsylvania. The most recent addition to this list is California; in October of 2019, legislators legalized roadkill harvesting from three regions in the state with “high wildlife collisions,” The Sacramento Bee reported. Under the terms of the new law, deer, elk, wild pigs and pronghorn antelope are fair game if they are killed in a car collision.

Always be sure to check with your state wildlife resources agency before attempting to claim any roadkill.

For more information on what you need to know before you eat stuff that has been ran over by a car, check out Forager Chef.

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