Pecos Hurley And Kolby Cooper Team Up For New Mexico Coyote Hunt

Two rising stars on the Texas country music scene took a break from singing their songs to howl at the moon.

Pecos Hurley, lead singer of the band Pecos & The Rooftops, and Kolby Cooper spent some time together hunting coyotes together this spring.

Coyote hunting can be controversial, but this hunt was in coordination with the F & F Cattle Company, a New Mexico based ranching operation. Managing coyote populations near livestock operations in the springtime helps reduce the impacts of stress and predation from coyotes on new born calves.

In many states coyotes are considered vermin and can be hunted 365 days a year, especially if they’re in the act of harassing livestock or pets.

Though hunting in nearby New Mexico, Pecos & The Rooftops and Cooper are two of the most popular up and coming acts on the infamous Texas music scene.

Their popularity is soaring on digital music streaming platforms and they both routinely sell out shows across the Lonestar State.

Both of them also recently debuted music videos for new songs that have drawn applause from social media. Both music videos and the hunting video were produced by Whale Tale Media, a full service digital media company based out of Greenville, South Carolina.

Cooper and The Rooftop boys will be performing together at the end of the month if you’re looking to kick your summer off with a good time.

One Night Stand – Kolby Cooper

This Damn Song – Pecos & The Rooftops

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