Orlando Opens World’s Largest White Castle… And People Have Lost Their Damn Minds

A high angle view of a building

Being from the southeast, I’ve never had the chance to experience the deliciousness that is White Castle (0r that’s what I’ve heard, at least).

However, there may be some hope down here, as Orlando, Florida just opened the state’s first ever White Castle today… and it’s the largest one in the WORLD.

Orlando and surrounding towns in Florida are big retirement areas, so many people from the North, or just anywhere else in general, come down to enjoy the warm weather, sun, and beaches that Florida has to offer.

With that being said… that means a ton of people in the area know a thing or two about the greatness of White Castle. And for the ones who haven’t had the chance to try it, they’re probably foaming at the mouth.

When you put these two together, what do you get?

A BONKERS grand opening.

Yep, starting earlier than 9 AM on opening day, the lines flooded out into surrounding roads, causing standstill traffic just about everywhere in the vicinity. Word on the street folks in line were looking at a 4-HOUR WAIT.

I just feel bad for the workers honestly. Could you imagine a worse first day than this?

I mean, it’s fast food… It can’t be THAT good, can it? Judging by the lines I’ve seen on social media, it better be the best fast food the world has ever seen.

But I’ve been to Chick-Fil-A, so I doubt that…

To each their own I guess… take a look at the madness.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock