Hawk Rides An Iguana Like Tony Hawk Rides A Skateboard

A duck in the grass

He was a skater bird. He said see ya later board, that wasn’t good enough for him…

So he used a lizard instead.

Real recognize real.

The greatest skater boy of all time, Tony Hawk took time out this weekend to congratulate an aspiring shredder on one of the most impressive skateboard tricks the world has ever seen.

Hawk (Tony) has accomplished more on a skateboard than any one else in the history of the world, and he did it riding Birdhouse brand skateboards. So it’s only fitting that the skater bird paid homage to the greatest skateboarder ever by mimicking his style on the back of an iguana.

Having pulled off revolutionary moves like the first 900, which is 2.5 complete spins while airborne before landing, Hawk (Tony) is hard to impress when it comes to skateboarding… But even he had to take time to shoutout the Hawk (bird) for his moves.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock