Diving Into The Deeper Side Of Kip Moore

Kip Moore sitting in a chair playing a guitar

Kip Moore isn’t lying when he sings “I’ll get you high, get you low,” in “Guitar Man,” the last song off his 2017 hit album, Slowheart.

The casual country music fan knows all about Kip’s radio country hits. When most radio-only country music fans think Kip Moore, they think “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,” “Beer Money,” or maybe even something like “Last Shot” or “She’s Mine.” Those songs are solid, and they’re a huge reason why Kip has gotten to where he’s at in the country music industry.

But any die-hard fan knows that there’s a whole lot more to Kip Moore than what the majority might think. Not all of his songs are the happy, feel-good type. Nope… Kip Moore goes MUCH deeper than that. The Tifton, Georgia native has another side to him, a side that seems to understand the listener, reflecting on life and all of the different highs and lows that come with it.

Anyone who has been to one of his acoustic shows knows exactly what I’m talking about. Some of Kip’s best work is the slow, make you wanna down a bottle of whiskey around a fire type stuff. Songs that will take you down to depths of your mind that you didn’t even know existed. You’ll find thoughts and feelings that you didn’t know were there (but be careful, that could be the whiskey talking).

Here are a few of Kip Moore’s slow, deep, “whiskey sippin’ in the middle of the night” pieces of work.

“Plead the Fifth (Acoustic)”

This is the acoustic version of the first song off of his Slowheart album. It wasn’t until the acoustic version came out that I fully grasped the weight of the lyrics.

“Do I wonder where you are with every sip?
Gettin’ on to who you might be with
Drown myself in 90 proof, what else?
I plead the fifth.”


“Running For You”

This one comes from the Wild Ones record, and it’s the reason that I ever got hooked on Kip Moore in the first place.

The song takes you through the idea of accepting the fact that you’re letting someone go, but also acknowledging that if anything happens, you’ll always be there. This one will get you in your feels.

“Part of Growing Up”

The journey of life. This song breaks it down pretty damn accurately. Going from drinking coke to drinking beer. A childhood friend who passes away. You and your first love not working out.

A great example of how we are always growing and maturing in life, no matter how old we get. We’ll always be growing up.

“Crazy One More Time”

In the video above you’ll see the 2016 version of Kip Moore playing one of the early love songs of his career. Kip always loves to play some of his older stuff to check and see how much of his music the crowd really knows.

If you’re lucky, this is one of those songs. It’s a timeless song that will never get old. It cuts deep, but it’s also gentle on the soul. A safe bet when introducing friends to some older Kip Moore stuff.

“Wild World”

You may or may not make your mom cry when showing her this tune for the first time. It accurately depicts the crazy world around us, and contains a lot of advice on how to live in it. Live every day to the fullest, be yourself, and go chase your dreams.

And these are just a couple of the many gems that Kip Moore has blessed us with.

I really don’t think this guy has a bad song. I do think, however, that he is one of the most underrated talents in country music.

Listen to his songs that you don’t know as well and you’ll think so too. While you’re at it, go check out Kip’s newest album, Wild World, as well as the single he recently put out on April 23rd, “Good Life,” as we near closer and closer to another album.

If history is any indication, that too will be a masterpiece.

“Guitar Man”

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A beer bottle on a dock