11 Unreleased Luke Combs Songs That Will Have You Begging For The Next Album

Luke Combs wearing a hat

Last year, Luke Combs released his deluxe edition to What You See Is What You Get, with What You See Ain’t Always What You Get last October.

On the deluxe, we saw some songs that he had teased on social media and YouTube make it on the album, while others didn’t quite make the cut.

Since the deluxe release, we’ve seen the man post a few more unreleased songs on social media, like his song “Joe” that he unveiled at the Grand Ole Opry, “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old,” and “We Still Drink Beer,” a song he wrote after a fan tweeted to Luke.

We know that Luke is already in the studio recording his next album, the only question is… what’s gonna be on it?

Here’s some contenders:


“Growing Up And Gettin’ Old”

“We Still Drink Beer”

“See Me Now”

“Ever Mine”

Now this is just my speculation, but I believe we will see “We Still Drink Beer,” and “Joe,” a song about a blue-collar man who overcame alcoholism (and also the fact that he played it at the Opry), on the album, guaranteed.

But hey, we could also still see some songs he teased last year, that didn’t make it on the deluxe album, on the new album.

Songs like:

“Used To Wish I Was”

“Tomorrow Me”

“When It’s Raining”

“Family Tree”

“South On Ya”

“Love You Anyway”

So… we will see what Luke decides to pick. Hell, he might be playing with us all and release all new songs.

There’s still no timetable on when the new album will be, so now… we wait.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock