Zach Bryan Covers The Ryan Bingham Fan Favorite, “Southside Of Heaven”

Can’t say enough good things about Zach Bryan.

Of course, he recently made his Grand Ole Opry debut, honoring both his home state and his late mom with performances of “Oklahoma City” and “Sweet DeAnn.”

“I wouldn’t be here without my family and the people who love me, and my mom… I wish she could be here.

So, I decided before the Opry tonight I was gonna sing songs that meant something to me. I didn’t want to sing something that people wanted to hear.”

It was an awesome moment for sure, (not to mention he was rocking a Turnpike Troubadours shirt on stage). He’s the real deal in every sense of the phrase.

But today, we’re bringing it back to another one of my favorite artists… Ryan Bingham. I’d say Ryan is easily one of the most underrated artists in all of country music (hopefully his appearance on Yellowstone and the new spinoff changes that).

And here we have Zach covering one of my all-time favorite Ryan Bingham tunes… “Southside Of Heaven.” Written solely by Ryan himself, it was released in 2007 on Ryan’s debut Mescalito album.

And Zach does a knockout job with it.

The original:


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A beer bottle on a dock