Ravens Draft Pick Ben Cleveland Recalls Shooting A Couple Squirrels Because “There Was No Food In The House”

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The Baltimore Ravens drafted Georgia OT Ben Cleveland in the third round the other night, and the 6’6” 345lb beast of a man might have the secret to elite performance…. squirrel meat.

The Georgia native seems to have quite the affinity for squirrel meat, and even says the squirrel diet helped him cut a little bit of weight in the off season. Less weight = more speed.

But perhaps even more awesome, Ben recalled the time he was home from school (playing hooky) and got pretty hungry. But… there wasn’t any food in the house.

So he did what any ol’ country boy would do…

Picked up his .22, shot a couple of squirrels, and cooked ’em up.

A big country music fan and an avid outdoorsmen… Ben was recently fishing with rising country singer Travis Denning.

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A beer bottle on a dock