California Trucker Uses His Big Rig To Crash A Suspected Murderer Being Chased By Police

A California murder suspect may have been able to evade police. But his black pickup truck was no match for a good Samaritan with a big rig.

36-year old Michael Caleb Reed was wanted for murder, and when police caught up to him, he led 40-50 police cars on an hour-long chase through the streets of Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

Ahmed Shabaan was a tractor trailer driver who was in the area, talking to a friend on the phone, who told him that police were chasing Reed and that he was a murder suspect.

So when their paths crossed, Shabaan knew what he had to do.

The truck driver pulled his big rig into an intersection, right into the path of the fleeing pickup track, crashing into the murder suspect and bringing the high-speed chase to a sudden halt.

Reed was taken into custody, along with a female passenger in his pickup.

As for Shabaan? Well the hero truck driver, who purchased his truck himself just 5 months earlier for $75,000, was worried that his insurance wouldn’t pay for the damage to his rig because he caused the crash. But the internet took care of that problem for him, raising over $84,000 for Shabaan to replace his truck.

And does he regret getting involved and crashing his own truck to stop the fleeing murder suspect?

Not at all.

“I had to end it before he killed someone or hit a car or hit a kid.”

What a badass.

It’s hard to tell what could have happened if Shabaan hadn’t ended the chase, or who else might have been injured or killed if Reed had continued to flee at high speeds in such heavy traffic areas.

Luckily for police and everybody else involved (well, except for the murder suspect), the right man for the job just happened to be waiting around the corner.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

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