Tyler Childers Jams Out At Kid Rock’s Saloon (With Kid Rock Joyously Filming In The Background)

I love random finds on YouTube…

The latest piece of gold that turned up was Tyler Childers, with wild hair in a camo shirt no less, jamming out at Kid Rock’s Saloon with a bunch of Appalachian musicians while Kid Rock himself ran around in the background, listening, smiling and filming…

Joined by Luna, from Luna and The Mountain Jets, Laid Back Country Picker, as well as bass player Craig Burletic, and fiddle player Jesse Wells, the group played a song written by Luna, “That Thing You Said,” from her 2006 album Luna. 

While the song originally was recorded with more of a rock sound, but man oh man, do the fiddle and acoustic and harmonies work.

This is what we love about Tyler. The guy can pick up a guitar and crush with anyone he plays with or just by himself, and when he does, everyone stops and listens.

We’ve known Kid Rock was a Childers fans since him and John Daly jammed out to him, but it’s even cooler that he’s standing and videoing him like any other fan would.

That’s how you know it’s truly great.

“Luna of LMJ, Laid Back Country Picker, Craig Burletic, Jesse Wells and Tyler Childers at Kid Rock’s Saloon! Performing ‘That Thing You Said.’ Yes, that is Kid Rock running around filming.”

And a full band performance featuring the whole crew.

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A beer bottle on a dock