2-On-1 Planet Fitness Fight Might Be The Most Pathetic Fight You’ve Ever Seen

Sound the lunk alarm…

How are you gonna go into a fight 2-on-1, at a gym no less, and walk away without a win?

Well that’s what happened to these two college dorks who squared up on an older guy at Planet Fitness. A PLANET FITNESS!?

I mean, they even landed a few punches that didn’t seem to phase him. That was probably when they decided that they don’t really wanna fight this guy (even though there was two of them).

There’s not really a lot of context here, and it’s hard to hear what they’re saying, other than one of the young guys (who say they are roommates) saying “you got in my face” and the other guy saying “you came into me.”

We get some pushing, a couple punches landed by both sides, a half-assed kick and that’s about it. And the best part of the whole deal is that nobody in the entire gym even bats an eye at these bozos.

Maybe everybody needs to stay in the gym a little longer so that the next time this happens they can make it worth our while.

I mean, if you’re gonna thrown down in a Planet Fitness, at least put on a show.

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A beer bottle on a dock