Miranda Lambert Teases ‘The Pistol Annies’ May Have “Something Up Their Sleeve”

Ashley Monroe, Miranda Lambert are posing for a picture

Oh HELL yes.

Ashley Monroe, who is also one third of Pistol Annies, released her 3rd studio album Rosegold today.

She took a decidedly different direction from her distinctively country sound, but her bestie Miranda Lambert took to Instagram to congratulate her on release day:

In the comments, a fan asked when the girl-band was getting back together, to which Miranda replied “we’ve got something up our sleeve.”

Ashley concurred in the thread, so all signs point to some sort of song, or even album, potentially coming very soon.

Though nothing has been officially announced yet, just the thought of something new from them gets me all sorts of excited.

Miranda has also hinted at the potential of releasing her own solo album this year, and of course has a collaborative record, The Marfa Tapes, coming in just one week with her long-time co-writers Jon Randall and Jack Ingram. 

The last album the ladies released together, Interstate Gospel, came out in 2018.

If what Miranda has put out so far from The Marfa Tapes is any indication of her headspace and creativity at this point in her career, I don’t see how whatever The Annie’s have “up their sleeve” would be anything short of incredible and I can’t wait to see what it is.

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