Koe Wetzel’s “Wine Glass” Is Must Hear From His First Album

Throw it back to Koe Wetzel and the Konvicts…

Koe Wetzel has been popular in circles around Texas for awhile, but it wasn’t until his second album, Noise Complaint, that he started to get recognition outside of the live music scene with songs like “February 28th, 2016,” “Something To Talk About,” “Love (ft. Parker McCollum)” and “Fuss and Fight.”

His first album, titled Out On Parole (fitting for the band name at the time), was released in 2015, and while it’s pretty solid, there is one song on there that is just on another level: “Wine Glass.”

Listen to these lyrics, compare them to others on the record and you’ll see a clear difference. This song is just deeper and better than the rest, and probably what drove people to Koe at the time, the potential for greatness that we’re seeing now.

“Well she hates the taste of whiskey but she likes to go insane
It’s one drink for the pleasure and another for pain
She look back and she’ll smile when that bottle’s gone

Her wine glass is full of whiskey
Cause that Merlot just won’t do
And her heart and home is empty
She’s still tryna feel that too
And that pack of Marlboro smooths that she keeps behind the bed
And she’ll break out one or two; when she needs to catch her breath
Yeah, she needs to catch her breath”

Not saying the other songs on the album are bad, but come on, this one is just on another planet.

Turn it up and play it loud, this one is an absolute jam.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock