On This Date: Alan Jackson Releases Smash Single “Don’t Rock The Jukebox” In 1991

Man, every day I wish that I was born a decade earlier.

The ’90s was country music as its core, as we saw a ton of country singers lead the neo-traditional sound, and officially make the genre “cool” again.

I mean seriously, being a redneck was cool in the ’90s. From jorts to cowboy hats, mullets, cutting off the sleeves of flannels, pounding PBR, and line dancing at your local honky-tonk on a Friday night, the time period was ELECTRIC.

And on this date back in 1991, the world was blessed with a song that truly helped pave the way for country music in the ’90s:

“Don’t Rock The Jukebox,” by Mr. Alan Jackson.

Talk about a song that make you wanna take your significant other to the honky-tonk and burn up the floor with some good ol’ two-steppin’.

The song is about Alan wanting only sad songs played at the bar, because his woman left him, and his heart just can’t bear any happy music at the moment.

“Don’t Rock The Jukebox” was the title track and lead single of his second studio album, Don’t Rock The Jukebox that was released on May 14th in 1991. Needless to say, the song was a huge success to fans, as it reached number one on the country charts with ease.

Man, whatta time to be alive.

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