Nashville Woman Goes Full Carrie Underwood And Smashes Ex-Boyfriend’s Truck, Pours Beer On The Seats

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They say country music is supposed to be about real life…

We all know and love Carrie Underwood’s hit song, “Before He Cheats,” and I’m sure there have been plenty of women out there who have felt like taking a Louisville Slugger to their ex’s headlights, maybe even carve their name into his leather seats.

However, I can honestly say I’ve never actually heard of a situation like this happen in real life… until today.

According to Fox 17 Nashville, a Nashville woman brought the song to life by smashing her ex-boyfriend’s pickup truck, and pouring beer on the driver’s seat back on April 10th.

Makayla Fryar, 23, has been charged with vandalism, and according to the affidavit, the victim’s brother caught her in the act with the Ford F-150 parked right in front of his home. She was seen hitting the front windshield with an “unknown object.”

She then hopped in the truck and destroyed the radio and dashboard, while proceeding to spill beer in the front seat. The damage done adds up to about $450. Fryar fled the scene before the cops arrived, but was arrested on Monday and is free on bond.

OUCH… tough scene.

I mean, $450 bucks isn’t too bad for the kind of carnage I’m envisioning in my head, but I just can’t help but wonder… what in the hell did this guy do to make her act this way? Was dabbling on a few dollars worth of that bathroom Polo or…. or did he just dump her and she go nuts?

The world may never know…

Take it away Carrie:

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A beer bottle on a dock