Miranda Lambert Announces ‘The Marfa Tapes’ Film To Accompany The New Album

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Miranda Lambert announced on her Instagram page this morning that a documentary is coming.

She produced a film, The Marfa Tapes Film, that captured footage from her trip to Marfa, Texas with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram where they wrote and recorded their forthcoming raw album, also titled The Marfa Tapes.

According to her post, it will be:

“A really raw and intimate journey through the making of our record, ‘The Marfa Tapes’.”

During the trailer for the film, she noted how their trip to Marfa cultivated so much freedom and creativity:

“I think you just let your guard down out here a little bit. I think you feel safe, like you’re free to be you. And sort of take a deep breath and just sit and listen to the wind.

Once everything that’s in your life that bogs you down leaves for a second, and you’re a songwriter, then you finally go ‘Oh I might hearing some melodies, I might be hearing some words.’

But it’s rare that we slow down enough to give it space and time.”

You can watch the entire trailer on her post:

This is going to be so cool. I’m already in love with this project, so I can’t wait to see everything that went on behind the scenes making this record, because there really hasn’t been anything else like it in a long time.

Purely based on the few tracks they’ve already released, I think it’s going to be really incredible and I can’t wait to get a peak into the process.

The album comes out next Friday, May 7th, and the film will air on May 8th on Miranda’s Facebook page.

They also performed the newest song “Geraldene” on Ellen yesterday:

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