Golfer Breaks World Record Hitting Drive Into A Speeding BMW…. Goes Absolutely Bonkers

This. Is. Wild.

We’ve seen one Guinness world record broken this year, as Rob Gronkowski caught a football that was dropped 600-feet from a helicopter at his old university, the University of Arizona.

I guess people have caught the fever for breaking world records now, as this pro-golfer might’ve topped Gronk.

Have you ever been on the driving range, and tried to nail the guy driving the range picker with a golf ball? Not gonna lie, it’s oddly satisfying, funny as hell, and not all that easy.

However, pro-golfer Marcus Armitage attempted to do something similar, but with quite the twist… he tried to hit a golf ball into a SPEEDING BMW.

Yep, that’s right… Armitage set out with pro driver Paul O’Neill on April 8th to pull off the unthinkable, and snag a Guinness world record too for the longest drive hit into a moving car.

They set up on an open race track, as the golfer began his trek for a world record. Believe it or not, he actually pulled it off on one of his first attempts. He started going nuts, stripping his shirt off, until he found out some bad news…

The ball only went 268 yards, and the world record was 273 yards.

So Armitage had to collect himself and get back to it. He kept at it for a while, as the 33-year-old European Tour player even cracked the windshield of the car on a close call.

But finally, it happened…

He hammered a 303-yard drive that landed PERFECTLY in the car. He did it, he blew the world record out of the water.

Armitage started running around frantically, and the two started doing donuts in the BMW. Whatta scene.

I’d say this record will be in tact for a while now… There aren’t too many people who can hit a golf ball over 303 yards, ESPECIALLY in a moving vehicle.

Although, I’d imagine once Bryson DeChambeau hears about it, he’ll want to give it a go.

And let’s be honest, the fact that these are two English lads makes the whole thing WAY more enjoyable.

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