7 Year Old Boy Spends Allowance On Fishing Pole, Catches 83-Pound Catfish In Tennessee

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Hard work really does pay off.

A 7-year old boy in Tennessee learned that lesson for himself last week by turning his hard-earned money into one of the biggest flathead catfish catches in state history.

Autry Hogan from Cumberland City, TN saved up his chore money to buy a new pole in preparation for a fishing trip with his dad, Joshua, grandpa Gary, and little brother Kye.

Once the Hogan family hit the water, it didn’t take long for Autry to get a fish hooked on his new piece of equipment. While the first catch on a new pole is always exciting, Autry didn’t just catch any ole little bass or bluegill.

He caught an 83-pound flathead catfish.

Autry’s father, Joshua Hogan, was quoted in Field and Stream and said he knew his son had a big fish on the line.

“When he was reeling it in I could tell it was big, but not that big.

Now, he has pretty high expectations.”

And just a few pounds shy of the state record too.

Congratulations Autry, after a catch like that at such a young age it’s safe to assume he’s hooked on fishing for life.

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