Danica Patrick Injured Saving Her Dog From Coyotes

A woman with a bruised face

Gotta do what it takes to protect your pup.

Even if it means fighting off coyotes.

Former NASCAR and IndyCar driver Danica Patrick apparently had an eventful weekend, posting pictures on her Instagram story of the cuts and bruises she suffered after saving her dog from some coyotes.

Danica, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona but didn’t say where the attack took place, posted on Instagram alongside a picture of her scratched up legs:

“Mom coming in hot to save my baby from the coyotes.

…you should see my face.”

The dog mom also posted pictures of the bruises on her face…but she says those were caused by some tree branches that found her face.


Now, I’ve never had to save my dog from coyotes, but I have seen them out while I was walking around so the possibility has crossed my mind. And let’s just say I hope I never find myself in the same situation Danica was in.

Glad to hear Danica and the pups are ok though.

But you’ve gotta watch out for those tree branches – they’ll get ya every time.

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