Montana Man Lands New State Record Largemouth

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The state of Montana is known for world-class big game hunting and some of the best trout streams on the planet.

While bugling elk, howling wolves, charging grizzlies, fat rainbows, and big brown trout are routinely associated with the state known as the last best place thanks to its pristine wilderness, many folks don’t realize the state also offers solid largemouth bass fishing opportunities.

Montana’s reputation for big bass just got bigger though, thanks to a new state record largemouth that was hooked this past weekend.

According to Montana Right Now, the fish checked in just shy of a booming 10 pounds. The previous record of almost 9 pounds had been on the books for more than a decade.

“A largemouth bass pulled from Lake Elmo in Billings Saturday is big enough to be a new state record. The 9.575 lb. fish tops the previous record of 8.8 lb. that has stood since 2009!”

The fish measured 22.5 inches long, and its record-breaking weight was confirmed by Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks officials at a weigh-in at a Billings area grocery store.

Brandon Wright said he’s typically a fly fisherman but decided to give Lake Elmo a try this past weekend. That’s a decision he most certainly does not regret.

The fish was caught on a good old-fashioned nightcrawler rig. It’s combination that’s as simple as it gets when it comes to fishing, but Wright’s preposterously fat fish proves there’s no need to overcomplicate things. Even more remarkable is that this is the first bass that he has ever caught.

The weight of the fish has been confirmed and the paperwork to certify the record is being finalized this week.

Congrats to Mr. Wright on his first bass and the catch of a lifetime.

Heres the new pending Montana state record largemouth bass, caught by Brandon Wright of Billings. Weighed on a certified…

Posted by Montana BASS Nation on Sunday, April 25, 2021

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