Matthew McConaughey Gives Fans An Inside Look Into His Expert Method Of Remembering Lines

Matthew McConaughey holding up two fingers

It ain’t no secret that Matthew McConaughey is one of the most versatile actors to ever hit the big screen. He can go from a scrawny drug addict in Dallas Buyer’s Club, to a fugitive in Mud, an inspirational football coach in We Are Marshall, and of course all the times he’s played the boyfriend in the chick flicks.

Now, the man himself is sharing all of his best secrets on acting.

Via Instagram post, with the hashtag “#McConaugheyTakes,” we get a chance to look inside the brain of McConaughey’s acting thoughts and rituals.

In the video, he makes an interesting point about memorizing lines. He says that in order to help him get into character, he’ll read the lines at different times of the day, like late on a Saturday night when he has a buzz, Sunday morning after church when he’s in a forgiving mood, and even when he’s sad, mad, or glad.

He then makes the point that you don’t simply memorize the lines of a script, you actually have to understand what the character is doing, wanting, or trying to obtain in the scene, and then the lines will come a lot more natural.

I mean, what a friggin’ guy.

Not only is McConaughey one of the most versatile actors nowadays, but he’s also just a great human being. After his huge success with his “We’re Texas” campaign, which raised over $10 million, he continues to send out videos of daily inspiration, along with giving us a look into his every day life.

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