Guy Wearing Socks And Sandals Starts Fight With Home Depot Security, Other Customers Jump In And Take Him Down

Welp, looks like have another hardo causing a ruckus at the Home Depot.

It’s been over a year of this pandemic and we’re still having trouble getting this mask thing down apparently. And look, nobody likes wearing one… but you know what I also don’t like? Causing a problem in Home Depot. Get in, get a bucket of paint, and get out. Easy peasy.

But this past year, we’ve seen some wild fights over people not wearing masks, and I have to say, it’s provided some good comic relief during these strange times.

According to Newsweek, this guy comes to us out of Winnipeg, Canada, and he wasn’t too keen on the mask policy at his local Home Depot. Needless to say, he wasn’t gonna wear one, even if it meant he had to go down swinging.

The guy (wearing socks and sandals by the way) get into a verbal altercation with the security guard… and it starts to get ugly.

The man started slinging the guard around, causing all sorts of commotion, and then another man puts him in a chokehold and throws him to the ground. Finally, after it looked like things were beginning to really get out of hand, a few customers join in to restrain sandals.

And of course you have a million people getting involved. I mean, these are some of the random comments you can hear people yell:

“Sir, stop choking him, stop it.”

“Everyone has to wear a mask!”

“You want to support this choice, it’s my body!”


“You’re not security! Let security do their job! Let go of the man!”

I would imagine that he and his partner in crime left the store not too long after everybody cooled down, but throughout the entire ordeal, I can’t help but wonder….

How the hell are you gonna be a tough guy wearing socks with your Birkenstock sandals? C’mon man…

More funny fight videos.

According to Reddit, people believe that this is the same guy who has tried to provoke other altercations for masks in other places in Winnipeg, saying that a similar looking man was caught on camera fighting in a Canadian Tire store.

Living through a pandemic is something else…

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