Cougar Attacks Deer On California Man’s Front Porch

This video isn’t exactly new, but it’s still some of the craziest nature footage of all time.

A perfect example of the circle of life coming full circle. An entire food chain playing out on this San Francisco Bay area front porch.

Security footage from the front door of this Hillsborough, California home displays a mountain lion dragging a deer carcass off of the suburban stoop in the middle of the night. The deer had ventured onto the porch to feed on the family’s potted plants, only to have its meal disrupted by a hungry cougar looking for a meal of its own.

The big cat dragged the deer down the front porch, across the street, and into a neighbors yard before consuming a portion of it and leaving the rest behind.

Damn nature. You scary…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock