Cameron Smith Is Lighting Up The PGA Tour With His New Mullet… Coincidence? I Think Not

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It appears that the mullet mojo is making its way to the PGA Tour, as Australian pro-golfer Cameron Smith unveiled his insanely fresh mullet earlier this year.

Smith decided to go with the fresh cut in early January, and had this to say in an interview with the PGA Tour:

“I saw a few of the rugby league boys at home doing it. It was a great time to do it during quarantine, just something fun, make people have a laugh about it. I’ve just kind of kept it going. It’s almost turned into a good luck charm.

“It’s not bad, I think it needs a little bit of a trim at the front. I’d really like to go full business at the front and party in the back.”

And needless to say, his game has sharpened up big time.

His success has gone through the roof, as he became the first ever golfer to shoot in the 60s all four rounds at The Masters this year. He even won the Zurich Classic this past weekend with his fellow Aussie partner Marc Leishman, after a nice shapeup from Leishman himself.

And of course, they had to choose “The Mullet Song” by country singer/rapper Jay Powell as their walk up song to the first tee.

Coincidence? I think not.

He had to apologize to his girlfriend after the tournament in an interview with the PGA Tour, as she’s apparently not too happy about the new look:

“I would have to apologize to my girlfriend, it’s not going away. I mean, it’s, I feel like it’s a part of me now.”

Good move Cam, keep the mullet mojo going.

I mean, I’ve been saying this for years now, all great and successful dudes can rock the mullet, and that statement’s proving more true every single day.

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