Tyler Childers And Arlo McKinley Singing “Shake The Frost” Is As Good As It Gets

Hard to put two more pure artists on the same stage than Tyler Childers and Arlo McKinley.

Back in 2018, in Lansing, West Virginia, Arlo joined Tyler on stage for a cover of the heartstring-tugger “Shake The Frost,” and it’s just as good as you might imagine…

After being introduced and walking up on stage, Arlo pay respects to the power of what Tyler has been doing in Country Music…

“I just wanna say, real quick before we play this song, I honestly feel like I’m on stage with the five guys that are leading the way for the rest of us musicians… this is one of the honors of my life to be up here right now.”

That type of praise from Arlo McKinley? Very select group of people who could receive that…

Grab your partner and do some living room dancing to this one, there’s no better song for it.

And if you’re still sleeping on Arlo, wake your ass up.

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A beer bottle on a dock