Parker McCollum Releases Acoustic, Stripped-Down Performance Of “Hell Of A Year”

Parker McCollum released another stripped-down, acoustic performance of his song “Hell of a Year” from his breakout 2017 album Probably Wrong.

He’s been hinting at the possibility of a new album coming in July and has also released a few other acoustic videos including “Like A Cowboy”.

He’s even been touring around Texas some, which seems to be back to the usual concert shenanigans already after what happened at one of his shows there last week.

Parker wrote this particular song at 3am in a Whataburger parking lot in South Austin, so you know he had to be in a bad place at the time, especially if you pay attention to the lyrics where he finds himself wondering about a lost love and maybe regretting how things ended.

After his debut at the Grande Ole Opry in February, I have a feeling it’s gonna be a “hell of a year” for him in the totally opposite sense of the phrase…

Though the song was written about the year he had in 2017, I think every single person on the planet will be able to relate to it in 2021:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock