Walker Montgomery’s Latest Redfish Is Bigger Than Yours

A man holding a fish

I don’t know if you’ve ever caught a redfish, but I’m willing to bet that this redfish that Walker Montgomery recently caught was probably bigger than yours.

Montgomery is back on the road again, recently joining up with Travis Denning for a series of concerts down in Georgia, and more on the way.

While Denning hit the water to hammer some catfish prior to a recent show, Montgomery snuck down to the saltier waters of Florida in search of arguably the most popular sportfish in the ocean.

“Great time being back in Indian Shores, FL. Always love reelin’ in Reds with my buddies…”

A modest man, Montgomery didn’t share any details on the measurements of his mighty red but judging by the picture it was a hell of a fish. Just a beautiful specimen he hauled in thanks to some help from Ultimate Fishing Charters.

It’s not his first successful fishing trip of the year either. Florida was good to him earlier this year as well, having already brought a yellow jack, redfish, and sea trout into the boat.

I’m sure these won’t be the last fishing pics we see from him this spring either.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock