Reba Debuts Hopeful New Song, “Somehow You Do”

Reba unfortunately canceled plans for her 2021 tour this year…

But… she also just released a brand new song.

Titled “Somehow You Do,” the new tune is from the soundtrack from last year’s film, Four Good Days.

“Somehow You Do” is a feel good song, about those days when you feel down and out and it looks like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, but you’ve got to keep pushing through, because your worst days are leading to something better.

Written by Diane Warren, Reba called the sing an honor to sing:

“It’s an honor to get to sing a Diane Warren song anytime, but then to be associated with talented actors in a movie like Glenn and Mila is just icing on the cake,” says Reba. “Add in Jon Avnet directing the video and it just doesn’t get much better!”

On Reba singing her song, Diane praised her ability to convey the deeper meaning of the song:

“‘Somehow You Do’ is a song about hope, about how even through the times that are so hard and moments in your life that are so devastating, that somehow you will get through them and get to the other side.

It is a song about strength of the human spirit and no voice can convey that as much as Reba McEntire. She makes you feel with every note that you might think you can’t get through it, but somehow you will, and somehow you do.”

I think this song gives us a great peace of mind, because  it reminds us that whenever we’re going through a tough season of life, it won’t last forever and better days are ahead.

Now please, please, please hurry up with that “Dear Rodeo” documentary, we can’t wait any longer.

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