Living Legend Bill Dance Is Teaching Stephanie Quayle How To Bass Fish

Bill Dance and woman holding a fish

Getting into bass fishing is way more enjoyable if you have an experienced angler willing to help show you the ropes while out on the water.

Stephanie Quayle recently decided she wanted to get into bass fishing, and now she has living legend Bill Dance teaching her how to haul in behemoth bucket mouths.


Learning so much and soaking this all up from this wonderful, legendary human! Thank you Bill for being my mentor & taking me to catch my FIRST BASS EVER!

I grew up trout fishing, but bass fishing is a whole new game & I am obsessed. Let’s fish!”

Bill Dance has been an icon in the world of fishing TV for decades.

His blooper real is also one of the best pieces of content on the entire internet.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock