Hardy Hooked One Of The Tastiest Fish In The Sea

A person holding a fish next to a person holding a fish

Cobia could certainly be described as a “hardy” species of fish. I’m not sure a cobia has ever been caught by Hardy though… prior to this past week, at least.

Never a man of few words when it comes to writing songs, little details were provided to supplement his trip on the water with fellow musician Hunter Phelps. The picture speaks for itself though.

Both men reeled in one of the most elusive sport fish in the sea… one of the best-tasting ones too.

“Got it done today.”

Despite its reputation as one of the finest filleting fish out there, relatively few people have experienced just how delicious wild-caught cobia can be.

Reaching lengths of up to over 6 feet and growing to more than 150 lbs, cobia are solitary fish which means they’re extremely difficult to target with commercial fishing operations. That means if you want to enjoy some fresh cobia you likely either have to catch it yourself or shell out way more money than most fish dinners cost.

In case you ever do find yourself with a cobia on the other end of the line, it’s important to be prepared.

So here’s a recipe for some grilled cobia courtesy of well-known chef, Andrew Zimmern.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock