Luke Bryan’s Wife Clears The Mud On ‘American Idol’ Fist Fight Rumor: “Trust Me, It Was COVID”

Luke Bryan and woman

If you follow American Idol at all, you know that frontrunner Wyatt Pike abruptly left the show out of nowhere.

Now, we’re starting to get some more info as to why the young star just upped and left.

According to E News, many fans have speculated that judge Luke Bryan might have been the reason for Pike’s departure.

Fans have come up with this conspiracy theory, that the reason Bryan was “quarantined” with COVID and why Pike left the show is because Pike and Bryan got into an argument, that escalated into Pike punching the judge in the face.

Pike has waved off these claims, as he has stated that he left the show due to “personal reasons.”

Now, Bryan’s wife Caroline is here to clear her husband’s name, and is now coming up front with the whole story.

She went to TikTok, and said:

“Trust me, he has COVID.

I kinda wish there was a fight. I’m sick of taking care of the kids alone and sanitizing. I’m peeing Lysol!!!”

So it’s official from Mama Bryan herself.

There was no fight, and Luke definitely had COVID,  but…. it would’ve been a cool story though. I mean, Luke could probably use a little more country cred these days.

But sometimes the facts just aren’t quite as interesting.

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