Kip Moore “Switches Gears,” Teases Fans With New Song “Good Life”

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Alexa Campbell

We’ve been blessed by some incredible music from Kip Moore over the years, and he’s ready to rock n’ roll yet again, with a new song release slated for tomorrow morning.

Earlier this week, he teased us with the idea of some new music.

And today, he sent us out a little sneak peak on social media, with a 25 second clip of the new song, “Good Life.”

Kip prides himself in his unique style that blends southern and heartland rock with country, and it appears he has another unique sound with this new song.

As his latest album Wild World makes us feel like we’re spinning a record back in the ’80s with a sound that reminds you of both John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen combined, but “Good Life” has more of that “Reckless,” feel from the first record.

Makes you want to hop on a beach in the Bahamas and sip a few cold ones.

Give it a listen:

If you don’t remember “Reckless,” give it a listen.

In fact, give the whole Up All Night album a listen.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock