Discover The Greatness Of Cross Canadian Ragweed With These 5 Songs

Cross Canadian Ragweed

If you’re like me, you missed out on Cross Canadian Ragweed when they we’re still together.

When they broke up in 2010, I was in 8th grade and listening to whatever I thought would make me cool (And lots of Ronnie Milsap, so give me some credit) and when I did start listening to country it was the radio.

It’s only a few years ago I found Tyler Childers, and then Sturgill, and then Turnpike, Zach Bryan, Koe, and more from the Red Dirt scene. My life, and perspective of music, was completely changed… and elevated.

So while I know I still have some catching up to do, I’m happy to do it.

Koe Wetzel’s “Ragweed” was what got me looking for Cross Canadian Ragweed. Admittedly, I had no clue the song was referencing a band, since I had never heard of them at the time, but I found it a little hard to believe it was talking about the hyper-allergenic flower plants of the Southwestern United States (although on second thought, it could have been a cool reference to the area where they both grew up, but I digress…)

Anyway, I eventually figured out it was about the band and that’s where my journey began. I can’t say I’ve listened to every one of their songs or have strong opinions about various album cuts, but I’ve listened to a lot, for sure enough to get you 5 songs you should start out with to get the gist what they do.


A great starting point. It’s catchy, well written, and one of their best known songs. Listen to this and you’ll start to get the feel of the music.


This song is going to hit home for anyone who grew up in a small town. When you go home, people remember you for who you were growing up and not for the person you are now.

A Ragweed classic, this will probably be one of your favorite songs pretty quickly…

“Fightin’ For”

This was the first one that clicked for me. Pretty much a theme song for those couples that fight all the time over a lot of nothing, this one gets a lot of people with the great first chorus line

“You may have won this battle baby, don’t mean I wanted the war”

I mean that is fantastic…


Okay, I think this one qualifies as a deep cut, at least deeper than the others on the list. “Dimebag” really gets into the grungy tones that Koe picked up and ran with, and this probably my favorite song by these guys.

“Boys From Oklahoma”

Disclaimer, this one’s got some edgy words in it, but man it’s just Cross Canadian Ragweed to the core. Unafraid, unashamed and puts themselves out there. No wonder the fans ate it up. Once you’ve listened to the rest, this one is going to click and just like that you’re in…

Honorable mention:


I mean, it’s only their biggest song…

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