Missouri Fisherman Reels In MASSIVE Spotted Gar, Breaks World Record

A person holding a large fish
Missouri Department of Conservation

It’s big. It’s ugly. It’s prehistoric looking…

And it’s a new world record.

The 10-pound 9-ounce Spotted Gar has already been officially recognized by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) as a new state record. Although awaiting official validation, the size of the fish qualifies it as the new world record for the species as well.

Missouri native Devlin Rich caught the beast at the end of February while fishing Wapello Lake. Just this week the MDC published a press release confirming the fish as a new state record and congratulating Rich on his accomplishment.

Hauling in a gar of any kind with a rod and reel is impressive. Their hard, bony snouts make them nearly impossible to hook with traditional fishing tackle, however,  they are popular bow fishing targets.

The previous world record Spotted Gar weighed in at 9-lbs 12-ounces and was caught in 1994 by Rick Rivard on Lake Mexia in Texas.

Congrats to Devlin on an incredible feat.

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