Looks Like The Nelson Family Had A Decent Time On 4/20…

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Now I would’ve bet every dollar I’ve ever owned on who had the most fun on 4/20….

And that would be Willie Nelson.

And who would I have bet to have the second most fun?

Willie’s son, Lukas Nelson.

If you don’t know by now, Willie and Lukas are huge advocates for the legalization of marijuana, with Willie even owning his own collection of cannabis, dubbed Willie’s Reserve.

And if you’re having any doubt on how Lukas spent his 4/20 holidays, just checkout his Instagram.


So long story short, Willie, Lukas and the boys had them a great time yesterday, and I guarantee ya they still are today.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip to Mars, you don’t have to be an astronaut ya know. Just take a ride with Willie’s Reserve.

And speaking of Willie and the boys, check out their performance of the Frank Sinatra classic, “Cottage For Sale.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock