Town Mountain And Tyler Childers’ “Down Low” Is An Insanely Underrated 4/20 Country Song

It’s 4/20 folks, so we at Whiskey Riff are celebrating in the best way we know how…

By giving you the best country songs about getting zooted out of your mind.

And sure, you have your Willie Nelson, your Toby Keith, Eric Church’s “Smoke A Little Smoke,” is classic… but today, we’re looking for something a little different.

One of my all time favorite country songs about being high as a kite comes from the Asheville, NC, based bluegrass group, Town Mountain, and their fan favorite song, “Down Low.”

Not only is it a badass song about “getting in the meanness on the dark end of the street,” but the song features the main man himself, Mr. Tyler Childers.

The song takes you through the journey of a man who is out in public one night, and is so high that he is beyond paranoid of the people around him, as he tries to act normal and “keep it on the low down.”

I mean what song can be more relatable?

You go out after getting stoned at the house, and the next thing you know, all eyes feel like they’re on you. You hear somebody laughing in the corner and the first thought is, “Oh God, they know, they have to know.”

The mixture of humor and relatability in the songwriting captivates you from the get go, and the gorgeous bluegrass instruments give the song a good ol’ Western North Carolina and Appalachia feel.

Also, take a look at this badass performance from Tyler and the boys from Town Mountain at Red Rocks:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock