Jacksonville Jaguars Linebacker Josh Allen Tackles His First Turkey Hunt

A man in camouflage sitting on a log in the woods
Tanner Smith

Wild turkeys now have reason to fear Jacksonville Jaguar Josh Allen just as much as quarterbacks do. One of the most dangerous young pass rushers in the NFL recently proved he’s pretty dangerous with a 12-gauge too.

Allen, a first-time hunter, teamed up with his former Kentucky Wildcat teammate and All-SEC linebacker Kash Daniel for a turkey hunt down in the swamps of Florida.

Daniel working the call and Allen pulling the trigger proved to be a hard-hitting combination as they laid the hammer down on this unlucky old thunder chicken.

Though they didn’t go home hungry, both hunters will have this special memory long after this bird has been fried and digested. Allen indicated he’s hooked on hunting after the experience, and plans are underway for another deer hunt with his new huntin’ buddy this fall.

“Hunting. I think I’m hooked.”

As Josh continues to make a name for himself on the gridiron, Kash is making a name for himself in the outdoor industry.

A good ole boy from down around the same Eastern Kentucky holler as Tyler Childers and Chris Stapleton, his big personality and genuine backwoods hunting and fishing skills continue to produce some solid original outdoors content on social media.

“Amazing time gettin’ it done with my brother! Getting to experience Josh harvest his first turkey is something I’ll never forget! That’s what hunting is all about, making memories with great people that’ll last a lifetime.” 

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